Let’s Get Ready to Rum Ball

IMG_9823.JPGI only really have one silly season tradition and it’s making rum balls.
These little babies are easy, they don’t even constitute “cooking”.
They use up all the jars you’ve been hoarding throughout the year.
They keep well in the fridge so you can make a double or triple batch and be done with it.
They come in handy to avoid the “oh you got me a pressie and I didn’t bother with you” situation that crops up in December. Keep a couple of jars in your handbag until at least Boxing Day to avoid this type of embarrassment…

IMG_9837.JPGIngredients – makes about 50 but do double, trust me

1 pack of plain sweet biscuits
1 tin sweetened condensed milk
1 cup fine desiccated coconut
2 tbs cocoa
1 tbs rum or brandy (this is optional and you may wish to omit if you’ve got kids; or not who am I to tell you how to parent?)
extra coconut for rolling

Before we begin just a note on the biccies. Marie is the traditional biscuit of choice here in Australia however I went with the Arrowroot this year and was not disappointed #justsaying
Crush the biscuits in the food processor or with a rolling pin until they are a very fine crumb. I broke my food processor bowl and don’t have a rolling pin so I smashed mine in a ziplock bag with a 1.25 litre bottle of fizzy water. It took my whole life but it did the job. I was quite cranky with my husband at the time and that seemed to help.
Put all dry ingredients in a big bowl and mix together.
Add the condensed milk and then use your hands to combine all the ingredients. This year I wore food handling gloves which made things quicker and a lot less messy. I’d also highly recommend this if you have tiny folk as you can just whip the gloves off for urgent care giving instead of washing your hands of the sticky mess which takes ages.
Once your mixture is combined you can use a teaspoon to measure out enough mix for uniform size balls or live dangerously and just pinch bits off and roll into mostly the same sized balls.
Roll each ball in the extra coconut and then pop onto a baking tray.
Once you’re all done put the tray in the fridge to firm up the balls (about 20-30 minutes) and then divide them into your jars or place them all in one giant airtight container. They will keep in the fridge for well over two weeks.

IMG_9916.JPGA couple of fancy variations I’ve come up with are:
Cointreau and orange – swap the rum for Cointreau and add the juice and zest of half a fresh orange
Frangelico and lime – same as above but use the juice and zest of a whole lime (be careful with this one as it’s a nut liqueur)



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