Little Christmas Stars



Craft dream realised – my handmade hanging beside Alice Oehr’s!

I don’t like using wrapping paper cause you know, TREES. This may be construed as being a bah-humbug-surprise-ruiner and that is fair enough. I hand over gifts, you immediately see what you’ve been given and thus have no moment of anticipation or time to compose your poker face in cases of disappointment.

This year I have decided to add handmade ornaments to my “wrapping”. These simple crochet stars are quick and easy to make – perfect for beginner hookers – so if you’d like to have a crack the pattern is via Jelly Wares. (Note: for the ones pictured I stopped at round two because I like the smaller version.)

I can make these decorations in my sleep now as I’ve belted out 120 of them in the past week to raise money for some VERY premmie twins. People’s generosity toward this endeavor has been staggering and over $700 has been donated to this new family to help with their expenses.I sure do know a lot of good eggs.
These tiny little baby girl stars will be in hospital until around their actual due date which is March next year and you can help financially over here if you like.

FullSizeRender(2)Happy gift giving to you and yours x


2 thoughts on “Little Christmas Stars

  1. How adorable! These look so great. Perfect for all sorts of things. I love them as Christmas tree decorations. I don’t like using wrapping paper either and sometimes wrap presents in fabric or tea towels. (Double gift!!)

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