Faked It, Still Made It


Phew! Did you make it? All the way through the silly season in one piece? I did. Just. It was our baby’s first Christmas so our family were beside themselves with excitement and there is a lot of them so we had to spread our visits out over a week.

I decided to start a tradition for me and my bub – I am going to make her a toy each year. I chipped away at this little bunny for around 4 days and got him finished on Christmas Eve, just in time for gifting. I found the amigurumi pattern here



Mine looks a little different from the original for a few reasons. The face is all sewn on with no parts that can come off as my baby is very little and bits of felt or beads or “safety” eyes are a choking hazard.
The shape is different because I used the WRONG STITCH. The ears are floppy because I used the WRONG STITCH. I know I used the wrong stitch because on Boxing Day I started a new amigurumi project and without thinking too much about it started busting out the single crochet required and realised it was totally different to the one I was using on the bunny! In fact, I don’t even know what stitch I WAS using on the bunny and am pretty sure I MADE IT UP. I am also pretty sure the bunny is INSIDE OUT.

You see I am a self-taught hooker of the crochet kind and I have relied on the interwebs thus far to provide me with the info needed to grow my skills and repertoire. I always have to refer back to the Googles to remind myself the difference between US and UK crochet terms (even more so now that my memory and a fair amount of my intellect seem to have escaped out of my foof along with the baby) and this is how my error occurred.

A few years ago something like this would have made me wild with feelings of failure and time wasted and would probably have prompted me to give up crochet altogether. These days though, I am not only proud of my efforts but nothing has given me as much joy as seeing the delight on my daughter’s face when I handed the rabbit to her and she grabbed a purple ear with her chubby fingers and stuffed it straight in her mouth. A wild SUCCESS!

P.S. we named the bunny Frank after Frank Costanza creator of The Festivus.



4 thoughts on “Faked It, Still Made It

  1. That is fabulous! I love handmade – so special. Even better if it is wonky and “wrong”. It makes it unique. Love the name Frank. We often celebrate Festivus instead of Christmas in our household.

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