Granny Square Brick Doorstop – A tutorial of sorts

It has been an absolute crochet frenzy around these parts, as there seems to be many little people in need of amigurumi gifts.
My little person though, was in need of a doorstop for her bedroom. She’s started rolling around the floor like a seasoned commando and likes to play peek-a-boo behind the door. I however, do not wish to play peek-a-boo with the amputated tops of tiny fingers so I made a solution.

IMG_1212First, I got my husband to procure me a brick from a vacant block near our house. I’m happy to do my own theiving but I forgot and he was taking the dog for a walk.
I gave the brick a clean with the hose and a brush and got all the mud and other detritus off it – only the best for my kid, obviously.

It was pretty smashed on one corner and I’m a bit worried about the bambina knocking her noggin on every jutting edge in our house so I thought it best to wrap the brick in some poly fibre (the same stuff I stuff my handmade toys with). I tied it on neatly with some hot pink yarn as you can see in the pic below…

IMG_1205Clearly the stuffing was going in every direction so, as with most projects I make up as I go along, I thought about giving up. I slept on it instead and the solution came to me in  a blinding flash of inspiration after the 4am feed.
I don’t know why (considering I am under the age of 65) I had an unopened packet of opaque black stocking socks in my drawer and frankly I don’t think it’s for you to judge or guess. But one of those nylon babies did the trick, and tightly secured the poly fibre around the brick. I then stuffed some extra filling into each corner to make it double-y soft and safe.


I chose my colour palette like a wanker pro and got cracking on my granny squares.
I used 8ply acrylic yarn and a 4mm hook and began by making squares of three rounds. I like to sew in my ends as I go, as I find it soul destroying to have to do this when so close to the end of a project because I’m awfully impatient.
I had decided at the beginning I was going to try a “join-as-you-go” method on this project and used this tutorial. I am a really visual learner so the pics were a great help for me. There’s loads of tutorials out there so go forth and waste your entire arvo on Pinterest finding one that you like.
Join-as-you-go meant the final squares were made up of four rounds.


I ended up making 12 granny squares and I found the project worked up really quickly joining as I went. I positioned 6 squares along the top of the brick and then folded down each side so there were 3 squares running down the longer edges.
I was kind of bored by this stage so I decided to ditch the idea of covering the brick entirely in crochet – after all the bottom sits on the floor and was already covered and padded. I crocheted 4 black squares to finish off the cover – two for each shorter edge. I used the same joining method but just stretched the squares around to make corners. The cover ended up like the lid of a shoebox so I just popped it over the top of the brick.

IMG_1213To finish the cover off, and secure it underneath, I did two rows of chain stitch from one narrow side to the other and slipped stitched them between two granny squares. I’ll just cut them and redo them when I have to wash it or perhaps after the first wash replace them with some elastic…

I’m sure this tutorial (I use the term very loosely) is as clear as mud, so hopefully the pictures will help.
Of course, you could make a doorstop without the padding and way less squares if you have no tiny craniums to worry about and don’t value your little toe should it get stubbed on a brick…

If you are making one and get stuck please don’t hesitate to email me at or leave a comment below, and I’ll do my best to help you through it.

I am happy to take orders and post out covers sans bricks or with bricks if you’re mad enough to pay that kind of postage.
I would also LOVE TO SEE YOURS so send a pic or tag @fulltiltnanna on Instagram if you make one. I am happy to share my crochet patterns (again I use this term loosely) but please do credit me if you use it.