Waste Not, Want Not and Muffins


My husband’s favourite bachelor meal is chili con carne FROM A CAN. Go ahead and judge him, I do. This stuff is a heart attack disguised as a tin of beans. Apart from leaving me appalled, this culinary/coronary crime also always leaves a full punnet of sour cream minus about a tablespoon.
In the past, I am ashamed to say, the punnet would usually end up in the bin; but in our new family circumstance of one income and a lot of time on my hands I do not wish to waste anything that we buy.

Luckily over the weekend I saw this excellent recipe on the Instagram feed of Melbourne Epicure. Cathie is a sensational baker, talented photographer and obviously generous with her time – typing out ingredients and methods for frugal strangers to cook with. This is the perfect way to use up sour cream or yoghurt that may otherwise go off.


These are delicious muffins. Moist and light and there’s plenty of them (I ended up with 19). I flogged some off to my mothers’ group, put some in the freezer and ate two too many.

Thank you Cathie x


Howdy Cowdy…


I know what you’re thinking… “Thank goodness just what the internet needs, another blog about crochet and cookies by another narcissistic new mum”. Well you’re right and you’re welcome!

I’m a little unsure of what is to come. There will be wooly projects for sure, possibly some pictures of my dogs, a recipe here and there and probably a stack of links to video clips and other blogs when I am too busy to come up with original content.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? I’m VERY excited. This online labour of love has been a long time coming and I’m looking forward to tapping out some words every now and then and sharing bits of my little world with you. Yes, YOU.